Newell Normand, Sheriff


Maintained a five (5) minute response time to emergency calls.
Achieved a 13.6% reduction in crime as compared to 2009.

Working hand-in-hand with Parish Code Enforcement Officials to improve the quality of life in our community, the Sheriff’s Office participated in issuing the following violations from March 2008 to June 2011:
Structures Demolished
Housing Violations Issued
Abandoned Vehicles Tagged

In an effort to integrate technology as a crime fighting tool, Sheriff Normand has implemented the following:

  • Automated License Plate Recognition (A.L.P.R.) system is an electronic camera system strategically placed throughout the Parish to seek out stolen vehicles and vehicles driven by wanted criminals.
  • Shotspotter” is an automated gun shot detection system that notifies field officers when a gun shot occurs in a certain geographic area.
  • Mobile Automated Fingerprint Identification System (A.F.I.S.) is a mobile fingerprint identifying system that allows officers to identify suspects in the field to determine their true identity.
  • Crimetracker is a computer generated crime tracking program that allows citizens of Jefferson Parish to track crime in their neighborhood or place of business.
  • Coplink is a relational based research tool that allows officers to quickly learn vital information about a suspect, his residence, his vehicle as well as his criminal associations.
  • Evidence Tracking software was implemented at the crime lab to allow for easier tracking and managing of evidence.
  • Quick Deployment Cameras are crime cameras that can be quickly installed to detect criminal activity at a particular location.“Intelligence Lead Policing” is a program that analyzes intelligence information and crime statistics that indicates criminal trends that allow for more proactive policing in that area and/or neighborhood
On the Civil side of the office, Sheriff Normand has implemented the following new computer systems:
  • A “Property Tax System” that is very flexible and allows efficient   collection and distribution of property taxes which includes an online tax sale module.
  • A “Sales Tax System” that allows for more efficient collection of    sales/use, and license taxes which includes an audit and enforcement module.
  • A “Judicial Process System” that will integrate court records with   Sheriff’s Office data to allow for more information to efficiently flow from the courts to Judicial Process.
  • An “Electronic Imaging System” was implemented throughout the department to better manage Sheriff’s Office records and documents.

In an attempt to keep our youth from engaging in criminal activity, Sheriff Normand has partnered with members of the clergy to mentor and counsel our children. The following are examples of the programs currently in place:

  • “After School Program” that allows children to obtain tutoring and participate in a mentoring program from the clergy and others.
  • The “Band of Excellence” is a joint venture between the Sheriff and the clergy that allows troubled youths or children who do not have access to music to participate in a band to hone their musical skills.  Currently, the band has seventy-five members, who, along with their parents sign a contract with the Sheriff and must follow the rules of the band in order to participate.  This mentoring program was just acknowledged by the Tipitina Foundation and received a financial contribution from the foundation.
  • A “Bicycle Program” was instituted that donates abandoned bicycles to needy children

Sheriff Normand has completely reorganized the department. He has merged a number of divisions which allows for more pro-active patrols to occur throughout the Parish.

Promotional Testing for sergeants and lieutenants was implemented in order that the best qualified officers get promoted in the ranks.

The Standard Operating Procedures Manual for the Sheriff’s Office was completely updated by Sheriff Normand to ensure his officers are conducting themselves as professional police officers in order to better serve Jefferson Parish residents.

In an effort to provide officers with a safe and professional work environment, Sheriff Normand made thirty million dollars worth of capital improvements that include the following facilities:
  • A new forty-four thousand square foot Crime/DNA lab was constructed.  This facility is a state of the art complex that houses all forensic testing, DNA testing, photo lab, and crime scene technicians.
  • A new District Station was opened in May 2011 just off Manhantan Boulevard that houses our Second District Patrol Officers.
  • A new Third District Patrol Station is currently being constructed on the Lafitte/Larose Highway.
  • The Fourth District Station was opened in May 2011 and is located in LaSalle Park.  Not only does this Station house our Fourth District Patrol Officers, it offers extra security to Zephyr Stadium and the new Parish Performing Arts building as the Station is located between the two, just off Airline Highway.
  • Two Land, Air, Sea Emergency Rescue Division (L.A.S.E.R.) facilities have opened under Sheriff Normand. The first is a Helipad complex and storage facility that houses rescue equipment and is located on the Westbank Expressway just past Manhattan Boulevard. The second LASER facility is located at the Bonnabel Boat Launch.   This facility houses two rescue boats on the water to allow for quick response time to any emergency occurring on Lake Pontchartrain.
  • The Property and Evidence storage facility was upgraded.
  • The Judicial Process Section was relocated to a new building on our main campus on the Westbank Expressway which allows for easier accessibility to the public.
  • An Eastbank Emergency Operations Center is currently under construction at 3300 Metairie Road.
  • A Criminal Intelligence Center is also being constructed at the Metairie Road facility.  This center will create an environment where law enforcement agencies in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area can collect, correlate, analyze and disseminate actionable criminal intelligence in a timely matter.
New Second District Station New Fourth District Station New Crime Lab Bonnabel Boat Launch  

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